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Well, half a year has gone by and we have had some cracking trials!  The entries have been amazing and we are so grateful to each and everyone of you for supporting our small club so far.

Is there something we could do better?  If so, please do let us know by email, phone, facebook or instagram.  Alternatively, just collar one of us at a trial and let us know your suggestions, as we are always open to feedback.

The one thing all clubs tend to struggle with is observers.  We have made the decision this year to start paying our observers £10 a trial.  If Skell Gill Catering is in attendance they will also give each observer a free drink and butty as a gift from them for standing out in all weathers for a few hours.  Do you think you could observe?  If so, we would love to hear from you and will give you some training.  Our friends at Manchester Motor Club very kindly sent us a link to their guide to observing – which we have to say is extremely good.  Take a look here: Observers Guide.

Our 2022 Provisional Dates are now published on the Event Page of this website.  Entries for all our trials will be available via the ACU website and there will be links put against the relevant event once the permit has been authorised.  If you are on social media, give our page a like as we post all events on there too.

Our AGM was held at the Woodman Inn, Burneston on Tuesday 15th March 2022 at 8pm and we had a great turnout!

We would like to welcome 3 new members to our committee: Megan Hare, Kate Hare and Anton Hopwood.  We look forward to working with them and getting them more involved with the club.  Andy Townson was nominated as our President Elect so will take over from our current President, Paul Sadler, in March 2023.

It goes without saying that it takes many hands to make light work and we are so fortunate to have a good team around Ripon Motor Club.  However, there is one person that spends hours behind the scenes making sure our trials run smoothly and we couldn’t do any of this without her.  So a special mention must go to Sarah Laws, our club secretary, who has agreed to carry on for another year keeping us all on the right path – which is no easy task!  Thank you Sarah, you do an amazing job despite working full time and dealing with family life.  We are so grateful to have you on board.

Here is the link to our Facebook page and we now have a YouTube Channel which we will use to house all our videos.  Watch out for some great footage coming soon, courtesy of Neil Sturgeon, our resident photographer/videographer.  I’m sure you’ll agree that he does a fabulous job of capturing great photographs of you all – although there may be some footage you may wish he hadn’t captured!  To see any of his work head over to his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Trialstog

Past News

Following on from our AGM on Tuesday 22nd June we would like to thank our outgoing Club President, Mr Dave Gamble, for serving the club so well as President and would like to give a warm welcome to Mr Paul Sadler as our new Club President.

We would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Blythes, Fleethams and Langstaffs who, after devoting so much of their time to our club, have decided to take a backseat.  However, we do hope they will still come to our events and enjoy being part of the club without having the responsibility for the running of it.

Before the main trial at Rock and Hop we were delighted to be able to present the Blythes, Fleethams and Langstaffs with a small token of our appreciation and give them honorary lifetime membership to Ripon Motor Club.  We look forward to seeing them at a trial again soon.

Ripon Motor Club was founded in 1909 and is a small, friendly Trials Club catering for all ages and abilities.  We are affiliated to the Yorkshire Centre of the ACU.

To ride our trials you will need to be a current member of the club and also a member of the ACU.

 A Brief History of our Club

Tom Ellis was a stalwart member of the Ripon Motorcycle Club along with his wife Mary, who did much of the paperwork associated with Tom’s interests.  He first discovered motorbikes in 1940 with a 150cc Francis Barnet.  However, the war and the Royal Navy intervened until 1945 when a 350cc Panther was purchased to compete in trials, an interest of his brother Jack.  The Panther didn’t last long and was replaced with a new 500cc Matchless.  Tom soon started to have some good results on this bike and was occasionally included in the works team.

Unfortunately, Tom’s brother Jack passed away at a trial and Tom decided to organise a trial in his name, The Jack Leslie Ellis Memorial Trial, which continues today.

Tom continued to ride and had success in the 1947 Scottish Six Day (SSDT) with a 10th place and an 8th place in 1948.  He was also 2nd in the British Experts Trial which was no mean achievement.  A Royal Enfield was obtained for a ride in the 1950 Welsh ISDT but mechanical failure caused a retirement and a subsequent works BSA ride was negotiate

Tom became a valued rider in the team and competed at the highest level, ISDT medals representing Great Britain and gaining many awards in trials at home and abroad.  The Scott Trial was a regular and favourite ride and he collected 12 Silver Spoons in 14 rides.  Joint 7th was his highest total, which again is no mean feat for any trials rider!  Tom also enjoyed the SSDT and was seen in the company of Arthur Lampkin at the Pre-65, apparently the journey to Fort William in Arthur’s Porsche was something of an adrenaline rush for him!

In 1956 Tom retired to Ripon where he opened a motorcycle shop and became active in the Club.  He also became interested in the sport of car trials and tests, driving with great verve and commitment, as he always did.  He observed in many trials but will be remembered by the riders at his favourite section, on the Fleetham’s farm down by the bridge.  Sadly he will not have seen it in its new rebuilt form, but it will still be “Tom’s Bridge”.

We run various trials throughout the year.  We have 3 centre trials which are:

The Jack Leslie Ellis Memorial Trial

The Derek Lickers Trial

The Artie Ratcliffe Novice Trial

We also run a Saturday Night Summer Series
Our Saturday Night Summer Series is sponsored by Acklams Beta.  There is a small wheels trial earlier on in the afternoon and then the main trial around teatime.  The small wheels is perfect for the young ones to develop their skills and experience before moving onto the big course.

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Observers are always needed at our events. - Without them you wouldn't have a trial! If you can persuade anyone to come with you to events and observe we would be very grateful and would be happy to give them instructions on 'observing'.



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